“Coaching – it is enabling one’s full potential to maximally increase his personal performance. Coaching does not teach, but helps to learn.” John Whitmore

Before meeting Ieva, I was trying to understand, what coaching really is.  Although general definition said: "coaching is an art to succeed other person's productivity increase, learning and development", I had confidence, that I will receive golden formula, how to live and shape my life so I can be happy. Overall so it was! Thanks to Ieva, I got this formula. Ieva's mastery skill asking the right questions helped me to recognize and to realize, that only I myself can write my life's formula to live happy life.

During coaching sessions I had the opportunity to observe myself from the side. At times it was frightening. Even much so.. Because I started to see something, I did not see or did not want to see living my everyday life. Due to coaching sessions and work on myself, I started recognizing the way of making order in my life to harmonize it. I turned down long overtime hours at work to minimum; I am devoting more time to myself, family etc. And you know - I am happy! Coaching helped me to realize, that I alone can determine my everyday life. Even if it seems to us, that we have no choice, we have to work because boss, clients are waiting.. However no! Now I know, that I myself can change it all, taking the right decisions. And it does not mean that I have become worse employee. In opposite - I have gained more energy I can devote also to professional development.

Thank you, Ieva, once again, that you let me to see and become aware of myself, what changed my personal and professional life towards positive direction!

LindaAccount manager, Personal development coaching client

Coaching sessions with Ieva Dadona I evaluate as intense intellectual several sessions long job, during which I reevaluated perception of myself as a professional, mother, daughter, analyzed what has been already achieved and drafted perspectives of my nearest and long term future.

I appreciate very high Ieva's ability as a coach not to offer specific action models and not to share her life or professional experience, but to follow my story carefully, to record precisely and reflect in detail solutions I have imagined and potential consequences I have discerned.

During the sessions I realized much more clearly necessity of taking responsibility for my personal development, followed by deliberately leaving of my comfort zone - several courageous decisions in professional field, already resulting by the fruits - higher salary and undeniably higher satisfaction from achieved.

IevaCounselor, personal development coaching client

Colleagues, I would like to share with you! I am very glad and thankful for the coaching session I had with Ieva! Wonderful beginning of the new year! With enligthment, clear picture, what is what, with specific direction, without unnecessary doubts and suuuuuch easy peace!.. Use the opportunity you too!

KadrijaMarketing manager, Personal development coaching client

After more than 6 coaching sessions with Ieva, I feel essential changes in myself and results I achieve. Much better I can identify the roots of the problems, look at them from different angles, analyze potential scenarios for actions. It has become much easier for me to express my feelings, as well as to tell my views to other people. It helps to solve communication questions with my wife, friends, colleagues and clients much easier and faster.

Ieva is a very attentive listener, she precisely hears the most important and knows to help to come to the right action plan. Summary after every session is very helpful together with the list of tasks I have to accomplish until the next session. Ieva's managerial and business experience is very valuable. Advice based on personal experience has been very valuable for my business development.

Guntarsentrepreneur, Baltic car rent

Using different traditional and innovative coaching methods, client’s awareness and accountability are activated during the coaching session, succeeding resolution of accrued issues and gaining control over the life. We offer individual personal and business development coaching sessions and group coaching.

We use Points of You™ photo therapy tools and other coaching instruments:

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